Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Although this is not a political site, I'd like to take this moment -- albeit a day late, largely because like most of the rest of the country, I was glued to the TV watching his inauguration -- to welcome President Barack Obama and on behalf of Mets Fans Forum, wish him the best of success in his stewardship of our beloved country. The office is a sacred trust and all of us will hold him to the highest of standards, the way we do for all American presidents. If he matches his unbridled youthful energy, eternal optimism, highly elevated intelligence, calm demeanor, inspirational words and lofty accomplishments with meaningful and impactful actions and deeds, he will be a remarkable president. And though he's a White Sox fan, I hope Mets fans will be able to welcome him at Citi Field if he's invited to throw out a first pitch.
Mr. President, I tip my Mets' cap to you.

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