Saturday, January 3, 2009


Yesterday's quiz asked: Who was the last Mets pitcher to homer in a game?
The correct answer is c) John Maine
He may have a lifetime batting average of .093, but on the night of Tues. July 24, 2007 at Shea Stadium, Maine blasted a two-run shot off the Pirates’ Ian Snell in an 8-4 Mets win. The runner who scored ahead of Maine was Lastings Milledge, who infuriated the Pirates by wind-milling his right arm as if to wave Maine home. Milledge was plunked in his next at-bat, but later homered himself.

The other options…

a) Steve Trachsel
He may have taken forever between throwing pitches and he needed a ton of offensive support, but the man could hit. In the 2006 season, Trachsel hit his only homer as a Met. It came June 20, off the Reds’ Elizardo Ramirez in a 9-2 Mets win.

b) Mike Hampton
Mets fans may loathe him for leaving Flushing for Colorado as a free agent after his only Mets season in 2000, but despite his injury-riddled years that followed, Hampton was the Majors’ best hitting pitcher. He ripped seven homers in 2001 and has 15 in his career, more than any other active pitcher. But he didn’t have a single extra base hit as a Met, while hitting .274.

c) Doc Gooden
The man who at age 20 seemed destined for the Hall of Fame before years of battling substance abuse, hit eight homers in his career, seven as a Met. His last blast was in 1999, playing for Cleveland in an inter-league game against the Cincinnati Reds, off Steve Parris. Perhaps it was foreshadowing – Parris would be the starting pitcher the Mets would defeat later that season in the 163rd game Wild Card tie-breaker.

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