Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday's quiz question asked: In Tom Seaver’s career 311 wins, which team did he amass 33 victories against, more than any other opponent?

The correct answer is b) San Diego Padres

Seaver won 33 games against the Friars, including a magnificent then-record-setting 19 strikeout performance at Shea Stadium in 1970 (including 10 Ks in a row). Since the Padres joined the National League in 1969, Seaver was especially masterful at Qualcomm Stadium, going 18-5 over his career with a 1.58 ERA. At Shea, he was 15-5 against the Pads.

The other options…

a) Montreal Expos
Seaver was a career 22-12 against the Expos including six shutouts, but only 10-9 in games he pitched in the Quebec province. In fact, pitching in Canada never seemed to agree with Seaver, who went a career 0-3 pitching in Toronto against the Blue Jays.

b) Los Angeles Dodgers
The Blue Crew was always tough on Seaver, who could only manage a career 22-22 mark against them. Interestingly, Seaver logged more innings against the Dodgers (398) than against any other club.

c) Atlanta Braves
Seaver dominated the Braves throughout his career, going 32-10, with 24 complete games (the most he had against any other club) and six shutouts.

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