Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yesterday’s quiz question was:
Which Mets pitcher, in an April 1993 game at Shea Stadium, allowed a home run to Dante Bichette—the first ever Colorado Rockies’ regular season home run?

The correct answer is c) Bret Saberhagen
The right-handed starter who at age 20 pitched the Kansas City Royals to a 1985 World Series victory, joined the Mets in 1992 in a blockbuster deal and was expected to be a mighty cog in a rock solid pitching staff. Despite his great stuff, though, injuries wrecked his first two seasons in Flushing. But on April 7, 1993, Saberhagen was on his game, handcuffing the Rockies on one run and two hits – one was Bichette’s historic homer in a 6-1 Mets win. The Mets would trade Saberhagen to those Rockies in the summer of 1995 for Colorado's playoff push. Saberhagen started and lost National League Division Series Game 4 for the Rockies in Atlanta.

The other options...

a) Eric Hillman
Like almost all other Mets pitchers, this tall lefty didn’t find much success in 1993. He went a miserable 2-9 in 27 appearances. Three more losses without any wins the next year sealed his permanent exit from Major League Baseball.

b) Frank Tanana
Longtime fans best know him from his halcyon years with the then-California Angels, from 1974 to 1980 when he teamed with Nolan Ryan to give that team a powerful lefty-righty one-two punch in its starting rotation. Tanana was a three-time All-Star during those years and three times was a Top 10 vote-getter for the American League Cy Young Award. He signed with the Mets as a free agent in 1993 at age 39 and posted an awful 7-15 mark with a 4.48 ERA. The Mets traded him to the Yankees in September, for whom he promptly lost his last two Major League decisions.

d) Anthony Young
A.Y., as he was known, turned out to be a throwback in Mets history – by being an unlucky loser. Know one quite knows how exactly Young offended the baseball gods, but they certainly unleashed their wrath upon him, beginning in 1992, when he went 2-14 as a starter and reliever. Not to be outdone, he followed the next season by going 1-16. Young suffered many indignities, but allowing the Rockies’ first-ever regular season homer wasn’t one of them.

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