Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yesterday's quiz question asked which ex-Met player and current Major League manager holds the record for most home runs by a player born in France.
The correct and answer is c) Bruce Bochy
Bochy, the current San Francisco Giants’ manager, who is best known for his managing of the San Diego Padres before that, is a former New York Met. Bochy played 17 games as a Met in the 1982 season, batting .306 in 49 at-bats, with two homers and eight RBIs. Bochy was born in Landes De Bussac, France in 1955. The Mets acquired Bochy from the Astros in a minor deal. New York released him after the ’82 season.

The other options…

a) Dave Trembley
Yes, Trembley is a French name and he currently manages the Baltimore Orioles. But Trembley never played for the Mets. He was born in Carthage, N.Y.

b) Cito Gaston
The man who skippered the Toronto Blue Jays to two World Series Championships in 1992 and 1993 returned last year to once again take the team’s helm. Gaston’s last name is of French origin and he played for the Braves and Padres. But he was born in San Antonio, Tex.

d) Clint Hurdle
He was once a Sports Illustrated cover boy as a Kansas City Royals prospect, but never reached Next-Big-Thing status. He played for the Mets in three different odd years in the 1980s – 1983, 1985 and 1987. He was most productive as a Met in 1985, when he hit three homers, but batted .195. He was born in Big Rapids, Mich.

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