Saturday, December 20, 2008

EDITORIAL: Signing THIS Redding Would Make Mets Fans Jump Off, Not Sit on, the Dock Over Flushing Bay

Today's New York Daily News reports that the agent for former Washington Nationals' right-handed starting pitcher Tim Redding says the Mets are "very much in the mix" to sign him.
As went the 1980s pop tune by Hall & Oates, "please say it isn't so."
Come on.

Tim Redding?
The same guy with the mediocre 10-11 won-loss record and an ERA a shade under 5 last year? The same guy the Mets pounded into submission in Washington last Sept. 18 while scratching and clawing to find a way into the post-season? (In that contest, Redding lasted only 3 innings while allowing the Mets 4 runs on 7 hits.)
The Tim Redding who allowed 27 bombs last season and gave up 195 hits in 182 innings?
The Tim Redding who, in his last 10 starts compiled a 3-5 record with a putrid 6.49 ERA?
The Mets, frankly, would be better with the late Otis Redding on the hill.
Unlike Otis, Tim's pitching is no "Ton of Joy." In fact, Redding's pitching might want to make Mets fans jump off the dock and into Flushing Bay, rather than merely sitting on that dock, as Otis so sweetly sung back in the 1960s.
Imagine this chorus, as Tim Redding hypothetically gives away hit after hit to salivating opposition batters: "Jumpin' off the dock of the bay...watching a Mets game roll away..."
You want more evidence in the case against signing Tim Redding?
How 'bout the fact that Redding's 10 wins tied his career high--the last time he won that many games was 2003, with the Astros. The next year was worse, as Redding went 5-7 with a 5.72 ERA. In 2005? Redding pitched one game for the Yankees. His line? One inning, 6 runs (all earned), 4 hits and 4 walks. That was enough for the Yankees, who promptly released him. The Padres tossed him a lifeline after that and the results were just as bad: 0-5, with a 9.10 ERA.
If the Mets sign him, it won't be long until fans petition Omar Minaya and the Wilpons to bring back Steve Trachsel.


  1. Gil - great start. Now you need to tell other blogs about your Mets blog and ask them to link to it.

  2. Gil:
    You are on fire, my man. There is another Redding -- Redding, Calif., where my daughter Rose was raised in foster care for five years. I don't know that they have produced any reliable fifth starters either, but I wonder what Omar sees in Tim (good first name) Redding.
    Tim G