Saturday, December 27, 2008


Yesterday's question was: Which west African country in 2007 did Mets General Manager Omar Minaya participate in a Major League Baseball delegation to run clinics for Little League-age children?

The correct answer is c) Ghana
Mets’ General Manager Omar Minaya visited Ghana with other Major League Baseball officials in 2007 and helped put on a clinic in that country – sub-Saharan Africa’s first to win independence from European colonization, in 1956. It may take a while for baseball to catch on there, as Ghanaians are soccer-crazy, as evidenced by their support of the national Black Stars team, which reached the 2006 World Cup quarterfinals.

The other choices...

a) Nigeria
No Nigerian has yet reached the Major Leagues. The Milwaukee Brewers signed two Nigerian-born amateur baseball players in 2002, pitcher Augustine Ozorede and catcher, Gbenga Olayemi. Ozorede though, was killed in a car accident in Nigeria weeks before he was to participate in Spring Training. Olayemi played just 24 games with the Brewers’ Arizona League team in 2003, batting .170.

b) Liberia
Two years ago, this republic – founded by 19th century repatriated African-Americans – was the first African country to elect a female head of state, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Thomas Tapeh, a Liberian-born athlete, played earlier this decade in the National Football League. No one from this country has yet to make it in the Major Leagues.

c) Burkina Faso
Its name in English means “the land of upright men.” Every other year, this country’s capital Ougadougou (wah-gah-doh-GOO) plays host to FESPACO, the world’s largest festival of African-made films. But baseball has perhaps only been played there by American Peace Corps volunteers.

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