Monday, December 29, 2008


Yesterday’s question was: Whose club record for most appearances in a single season did Pedro Feliciano break last year, by getting the call 86 times?

The correct answer is c) Mike Stanton
In the dark ages of the last year of Manager Art Howe’s reign, in 2004, Stanton appeared in 84 games. After observing his stats for that season, one has every reason to ask why. Stanton’s record was a lackluster 2-6 and his ERA of 4.57 didn’t do much more to inspire confidence.

The other choices…

a) Roger McDowell, now the Atlanta Braves’ pitching coach, was a key member in the Mets 1980s resurgence, beginning with his rookie year in 1985. That year, when the Mets narrowly missed winning the National League East title, McDowell notched 17 saves. In the World Series Championship season in 1986, McDowell earned 14 wins and 22 saves. He turned in an unforgettable five shutout innings in relief in the epic Game 6 of the 1986 National League Championship Series and was the winning pitcher in Game 7 of the 1986 World Series.

b) Aaron Heilman, now a Seattle Mariner, appeared in a career-high 81 games in the ill-fated Collapse season of 2007.

d) Tug McGraw
The lasting image of the late left-handed closer is his dance on the old Veterans Stadium mound in 1980 as a Phillie, after shutting down the Kansas City Royals to seal a World Series Championship. But Mets fans will always remember his inspirational battle cry, “Ya Gotta Believe!” that helped the Mets come out of nowhere to win the 1973 National League crown. That year, McGraw appeared in 60 games, the most single-season appearances he ever logged as a Met, going 5-6 and saving 25 games.

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