Sunday, May 24, 2009



How could it possibly get more exciting and exhilarating than last night?

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  1. Damn, I'm 67 and think I'm watching the very fab Frank Thomas and those loveable fellow of long ago. But that was then, this is now; Joe Benigno coined my mantra: "oh dah pain" before moaning and groaning, I am puzzled by the long term Dl's for "muscle tweaks" Just had my old fart reminder when I watched clips from the '55 dodgers...didn't even seem to match up to a good bar room softaball league. But, as Ron Darling aptly put it today's guys are bigger faster stronger etc. But have little or no instinct for the game. Sort of like a genius trying to play poker just, well almost, knowing the rules. But I have begun wondering about "muscle tweaks" "pulled obliques" etc and the havoc they seem to be wreaking on the mets.
    So Like most geezers, I have a theory and a question. Any body out there who can predict lousy weat when their knees or backs start acting up. Man, it hurts. But when bad weather shows up, the air pressure gets lower and lower and joint start aching, swelling etc. Honest. Wait til your golden years
    Todays players work out in a gym rather than a bar lifting Jack Daniels or out hunting with old hooter, or splitting firewood or otherwise working their asses off. But today's guys seem to be DL'd anytime you blink your eye. I wonder if long plane trips don't exacerbate a ding or a tweak. Modern teams fly cross country and all over the USA. They fly in an environment that is, necessarily, a low air pressure cabin. What if a guy stubs his tow and maybe pulls a hammy, just abit, no big deal. But if he gets on a plane and travels to the coast, the lower air pressure environ ment might just contribute to swelling and a worsening of the "tweak" Maybe this sounds silly but I have a lot of vascular and heart problems and have been warned about the fact that it might be dangerous for me, at 67, to fly long distance. But I'm old and in the way. What about a young players who mildly sprains an ankle, says the hell with it, going to tough it out. If that simple low grade sprain is subject to low pressure such as that found in a plane and is subjected to that condition for a number of hours....swelling will take place. And the tweak will get worse. Sounds silly but if you ever have experienced your athletically injured bum knees or feet or shoulder...especially when a low pressure front comes in and you start popping the OTC stuff to at least give you some relief along with a nice dose of Dr. Fliesshman's best, you might not consider me such a clown when it comes to this idea of how or why these great athletes, even if they don't know the game the way Pee WEE Reese or Enos Slaughter knew it. How come those old timers, way back, when would play entire seasons hurt. Maybe they drank horse liniment or just were ornery enuff not to worry if their knee got "swolt". They did n't have to fly coast to coast. They just played on. Can't get over how strange their batting styles were when compared with today's players. They hit veritable dirt balls into the seats. Amazes me to see a guy go lang on a pitch that is a scootch above the plate. But, "Oh Da Pain", and have you noticed whenever the number of runs that comes up is 4, the mets lose. Or perhaps are over mastered by pithcers like Moyer. Or maybe it's that damned apple emerging in their throats.